Our Poetic Poodles

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                        Welcome to Our Poetic Poodles  

                      Kennewick WA 99337            



 We are a small breeder of AKC Standard Poodles. We are located in Eastern Washington. We have been a poodle family of miniature and toy poodles for the past 27 years and just in the last 13 years added the Standard poodle to our family. With the guidance of our mentors and our wonderful vets we have been breeding Standard Poodles for the past 12 years.

    Please take a moment and read our testimonial page as we have received many stories , testaments and photos from happy puppy families about the temperaments and personalities of our puppies. We offer lifetime breeder support and we encourage all that have our puppies to keep in touch and use our service offered.


    Our goal is to raise happy, healthy, well socialized puppies. To accomplish this we raise our puppies in our home and provide as much everyday noise and handling as possible. We also have completed health screening and genetics on our standard poodles in our breeding program. We have completed x-ray screening for hips and elbows and patella laxity by manual exam. We have screened eyes by opthalmological exam called a CERF.

    Our poodles are color tested by DNA for coat color, color genes carried and fading alleals.  We have completed parentage DNA markers for each of our adult standard poodles. We have also tested for genetic diseases that effect the standard poodle such as Von Willebrands, Neonatal Encephalopathy, all of our standard poodles have their CHIC number which shows that they have passed the required OFA testing. All of the results are quantifiable by computer registry with Orthopedic Foundation of America. Under the picture and stats of our poodles, there is an individual link that is accessible for the OFA health record for our poodles. When our puppies go to their new homes, we provide a puppy pack that includes the testing documentation depicted above

                  We do not support doodle breeders please don't ask